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An Arrested Development Movie Coming?

I somewhat sympathize with the Arrested Development fanbase, but never too much, because let’s face it, despite having abysmal ratings, FOX kept Arrested Development on the air, year after year, something better shows could have benefited from. Finally what killed Arrested Development was not FOX, which still seemed eager to bring back the gang for another outing, but its own showrunner. So finding sympathy for the guys takes work, because let’s face it, Arrested Development never picked up an audience, the audience it might have on say HBO and it was never funny. Funny on paper yes, droll on the small screen somewhat, genuinely hilarious, nope. And that’s the problem. Some shows have made the TV to film transition and Jason Bateman’s and Michael Cera’s careers have been jumpstarted by the show, but does anyone really think that a failed TV series is the ideal choice for a movie?

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