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An Apple product designed by Hitler

What do you get when you combine Apple and Volkswagen, I mean besides crap. Steve Jobs got heavily criticized for his Microsoft peace treaty with Bill Gates. Just imagine the criticism for fusing the Apple brand with a product designed by Hitler. Anyway Apple and Volkswagen brass are meeting to discuss some kind of fusion of their products. Since both Apple and Volkswagen are cases where branding triumphed over substance and the iMac and the new VW Beetle were both trendy late digital century products that were overpriced and sucked to use, the companies have a lot in common. That and the fact that VW is somewhat ahead in vastly overreaching their product line and collapsing their whole corporate vision.

U.S. computer company Apple (AAPL) and German automaker Volkswagen are discussing the possibility of building an “iCar” which would feature products by the producer of the ubiquitous iPod personal music player. There are “scores of ideas,” but few concrete plans at this point, Bode said.

Uh no kidding. What exactly would the iCar feature? What other products does Apple have? eMac? How do you integrate that? iPod, easy enough to do but who really cares. Most people have their own iPods, why would they want a built in one. The whole point of an iPod is its portability after all. Apple TV? Don’t make me laugh.

But on the bright side if the iCar ever comes to be, it will officially be the most evil Apple product ever. Finally what Apple geeks always wanted, an Apple product designed by Hitler.

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