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American Idol in Decline

Can a reality show with no purpose except staging fake talent competitions really be in decline? Not creatively, but its ratings are slipping badly. The average age of the American Idol viewer is approaching 40. Which isn’t a shocker, since it went on the air 9 years ago. Today’s 18 year old was only 11 when American Idol first arrived. And the younger teenagers were barely getting out of diapers.

American Idol stopped being part of a trend and became another television fixture, like America’s Funniest Home Videos, a show people watch because it’s there. A lot of them old people who like predictable entertainment. That same fate is catching up to most of its imitators and competitors.

Dramas and sitcoms become creatively exhausted. Reality TV shows can’t get creatively exhausted, just lose the shock of the new and the controversial, and become placeholders. Ratings bleed. The kids stop watching, the old people start watching. The advertisers go look for something new and exciting.

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