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American Idol and the Great DVR Scandal

Now personally I have as much sympathy for American Idol viewers as I do for third world dictators who eat their closest relatives– and really are they that different in the end– but isn’t it about time TV Networks actually got their act together and realized that a sizable portion of their audience DVR’s shows– instead of putting their lives on hold to watch whatever crapfest the networks have thrown together this week.

Networks complain about ratings problems due to DVR’s and now face a backlash from furious 13 old girls upset that they never got to find out which talentless loser with a fanbase won this year’s American Idol but they’ve been chasing a younger demographic for decades now and they can either adapt to it, which means DVR and online video or go for the CBS demographic — 80 and senile and contributing to 60 minutes– instead. The choices are pretty simple. Companies can cater to customers or go out of business.

The old line network scheduling is part and parcel of the Father Knows Best TV generation. It simply doesn’t work anymore. Lives are busy and fluid and networks can no more expect people to schedule their lives around a network schedule than sell their first born children into slavery. It simply doesn’t work anymore.

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