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AMD Stock Keeps Plunging

Despite the hundreds of millions in Middle Eastern cash flowing in, AMD’s stock keeps on falling and that’s reasonable enough because it looks like all that Abu Dhabi did was buy deck chairs on the AMD Titanic (now that’s a great name for a new chip. Get the AMD Titanic and enjoy the meltdown. The AMD Titanic, It’s Water Cooled) with billions in debt after the disastrous acquisition of ATI, AMD seems to be scrambling to technologically outpace Intel, but while AMD’s research division has always been impressive, a floundering company is just not going to overturn the market leader on the strength of a few innovations. Not short of a miracle.

After everything is said and done, AMD is still held back by ATI. About the only way for AMD to survive at this point is to jettison its misguided ATI acquisition and focus on its core business, because right now AMD has managed to sink itself and ATI. AMD stock is dropping and it’s only a matter of time before some company with more of an agenda that a Middle Eastern oil power looking to diversify will begin buying up chunks of it.

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