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AMC Remakes The Prisoner

When AMC decided to remake The Prisoner, it was dubious whether the series could even exist without Patrick McGoohan and the trippy 70’s background. AMC’s Comic Con Prisoner promo demonstrates that it can exist, though the trippiness factor seems to have been cut down by a lot, in favor of a straight mano a mano drama. It’s hard to go wrong with Ian McKellen as a villain, though to his credit Ron Howard somehow managed that feat in The DaVinci Code, but it’s also hard to see the miniseries remake as anything but generic. The promo shows off the good, but it doesn’t seem to capture that vibe of paranoia, that claustrophobic sense of Kafkaesque insanity in a post-modern world where madness becomes a sane reaction to an insane world, that the original series did so chillingly well.

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