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All the Hype over Microsoft’s Surface Computer

Poor Microsoft. Apple can release a crumb that Steve Jobs coughed up and get nationwide headlines for the next month but Microsoft could release the cure for all known disease and still end up with nothing. C’est La Vie. But really Microsoft’s Surface Computer is a much more significant release than the overhyped Apple TV, that’s another way of saying, *Set 300 dollars on fire because you’re too dumb to transfer material from your computer to your TV otherwise*.

That said however Microsoft’ Surface Computer is really just a slick interface that will probably do quite well in kiosk environments, thus furthering Microsoft’s evil ploy to shove Windows into every corner of the human universe. Unlike Apple TV though or iPhone it’s genuinely useful. Microsoft may be well behind Sony but it’s still well ahead of Apple as far as innovation goes. All Apple really does is take an existing product, dress it up with a lot of hype and throw in a cool factor derived from marketing and its fanbase and voila.

Microsoft’s Surface Computer won’t change life as we know it but it’s more about giving business something useful than pandering to fanboys.

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