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All the Derivative Bloggers are Outraged at the AP

How do you tell a blogger who produces original content from one who doesn’t? Just measure the level of outrage aimed at the Associated Press, which decided that maybe blogs shouldn’t be able to repost content from the AP without paying for it.

Boo hoo.

The AP sent takedown notices to the Drudge Retort, a site which is filled with paid ads. It’s a high end site with plenty of traffic. Now maybe the AP has no real call to demand takedowns for brief quotes, but there are tons of high end blogs which repost entire articles or major sections of articles. Some of them make thousands of dollars from blogging. Some have built up entire networks doing so and miniature blog empires. Is there really any reason they shouldn’t be paying when they’re benefiting from the content of the AP, content the AP has to pay to develop.

The whole freebie philosophy of the internet is pathetic and ridiculous, it’s hundreds of millions of people pretending that TAANSFL doesn’t apply to them. Guess what, it does.

The AP’s threats should be seen as an opportunity, rather than a threat. Stop reposting and start creating. Stop indexing and start producing. Stop chewing over the same prechewed garbage from the media you supposedly despise so much and actually blog original content. If not, I hope the AP does sue you and I hope they win, because you’re nothing but a parasitic entity that exploits rather than creates.

Bottom line, If you’re making money from the AP’s content, the AP should be making money from you. Don’t like it? Roll your own.

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