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Alas David S. Goyer Joss Whedon – We Hardly Knew Ye

And there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth in fanboy town on learning that David Goyer had been dumped off The Flash. For anyone who was looking forward to a Flash movie in which the Flash constantly cursed at everyone, ran around aimlessly, incorporated montages from 70’s cop shows and struggled through a senseless plot Goyer thought up while snorting cocaine to try and be more like Sam Peckinpah… well you’re outta luck.

On the other hand Night At The Museum’s Shawn Levy is all but certain to make a Flash movie that’s fun for the whole family, in the Fantastic Four sense. On the other hand the only people who enjoy David S. Goyer movies are sadists who can take masochists to them.

Then Joss Whedon was dumped off Wonder Woman. Of course the amount of wailing and gnashing touched off by this epic tragedy in fanboy town is unbelievable. How? Why. Bwaaaah. And all that. After Buffy and Angel were gone, Firefly cancelled and Joss Whedon’s various Buffy spinoffs ranging from the British Giles TV show, the cartoon Buffy prequel, the Faith spinoff and possibly a spinoff focusing on Harmony and the undead corpse of that Irish guy on Angel who O’d after he was fired off the show… Wonder Woman was Joss’ stab at pretending to be gainfully employed on a major project.

Now with Joss’ removal from the project, we’ll never get the chance to have Wonder Woman talk in Joss’ trademarked weird and wacky ways, or see her take a job at a fast food place and spend 120 minutes dwelling on the ennui associated with fast food service or perhaps corporate law.

Oh the inhumanity.

There is no joy in fanboy town, mighty Whedon has struck out.

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