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Age of Love and Satan in a Helium Balloon

Age of Love (NBC, Global, 9 tonight) is a new dating slash “reality” hybrid that’s hosted by Mark Consuelos. Age of Love features six women in their 20s and seven women in their 40s vying for the fickle affections of one soulmate (man who is 30). That man is Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis, According to the show’s website, he is a “self-professed adrenaline junkie” who “has a penchant for all things fast – horses, planes, motorcycles and cars.” “When it comes to falling in love,” asks NBC’s marketing department, “does age really matter?”

I don’t know if age matters when it comes to love but I know that uncontrollable vomiting matters when it comes to this show. Just every time you think Reality TV has dug itself out a new low, it goes and digs itself out a whole new other low. This is the kind of thing you expect from FOX but then again FOX would probably throw in clowns and a tough talking black woman and a gay hair stylist and Satan would descend to earth on a helium balloon.

There’s only one of two ways this can end. Way one assumes that Mark Philippoussis is actually operating with an unscripted ending and that means he takes the inevitable path that a guy whose best relationship is with his Rottweiler will take. Way two assumes that the whole thing is scripted and is meant to have a particular ending which will appeal to its female audience, namely Mark going older. Since TV executives generally have some clue of playing to the audience, we can safely assume that they understand that the premise doesn’t work unless the guy they’re marketing as a bad boy settles down with the older woman with 2 kids… or at least until the cameras shut off at which point they all go their separate ways.

And then Satan comes down in a helium balloon.

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