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After Sex in the City, What Other Hit TV Shows Are Next?

Sex in the City has been a major jackpot all around raking in hundreds of millions of dollars and demonstrating that there might be a whole new kind of single-gender summer movie. Now it’s a safe bet that there will be a Sex in the City sequel and that it will probably be even worse and probably won’t make as much money, but like remakes of classic cartoons as big screen blockbusters, ala Transformers, once the door is open, half of Hollywood will copy the trend and beat it to death.

So what’s really next and what 90’s TV sitcoms and TV shows can be adapted into movies. If we follow the Sex in the City format, the key would be a show that wasn’t simply on the air, but had a devoted fanbase and an audience that identified closely with its characters and would like to see how they’ve been through the years and a cast with less than successful careers.

Seinfeld has half of that covered, it still has a devoted fanbase, though much of it has moved on to Arrested Development or Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, the former of which is also going to the big screen as a movie, a decision that was probably helped along by the success of Sex in the City, though the two shows have nothing in common except a dedicated following. Seinfeld’s cast too is not exactly living large. Jerry is doing well for himself but enough time has passed that he might be willing to come back. Kramer’s Michael Richards self-destructed even before his racist tantrum at a club. George’s Jason Alexander has not been able to hold down a sitcom. Elaine’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus has done well for herself with The New Adventures of Old Christine, but it’s not exactly taking up all of her time.

Friends is of course a more obvious choice, a series that tapped into much the same urban upper middle class female demo as Sex in the City and again the cast is not exactly experiencing stellar careers. David Schwimmer is beginning a career as a director and might be the biggest holdout, Jennifer Aniston’s movie career continues to go nowhere. The rest don’t even register.

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