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Ads, Ads Everywhere

We’re used to seeing movie ads on little stickers on oranges, but then someone thought it would be really clever to stick ads on dry cleaning bags, because it’s one of the few surfaces on earth not covered in ads.

suits the ad

Suits the ad

And it’s in an ad for Suits, the cable show, on a dry cleaning bag holding suits, that must be even cleverer.

The internet has helped accelerate a process that leads to wrap around ads in every single place, real or virtual.

Every business is slowly figuring out that any space that interacts with the human visual field and isn’t by necessity covered in something already can be sold for ads.

There will be ads on MetroCards and I’m surprised that it took this long. Soon there will be ads on credit cards. If the economy gets worse, we can have ads on money to help preserve the face value of money. There will be ads on garbage trucks and fire engines and cop cars.

The next time you see a cop car race by, sirens blazing, it will have an ad on its doors reminding you to watch Rookies or Precinct 77. The next time a fire engine arrives it will have a sign on the side. “Where’s the fire? Drop and roll over to REI sporting goods for gear that can take the heat.”

The ad subsidized model can keep going. Want a Blu Ray Player for 100 bucks less? It will feature 40 percent more ads. Want to buy that winter coat for half price? Just buy one with an ad on the back for home heating.

The future is here and it’s brought to you by Suits. A TV show about men who wear suits. Or maybe an alien race of Suits who take over human bodies to colonize the earth.

See despite seeing all the ads for Suits and writing an entire post inspired by one such ad, I have no idea what the show is about. And I don’t care, even though it would take me 5 seconds to find out.

Advertising works!

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