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Adobe Builds an Annoying Future

Remember how nine or eight months ago or so telephony was the big thing and everyone was tripping over each other to get into telephony? Well now with Google Docs, online word processing and document sharing seems to be the new telephony with Microsoft pushing a beta to allow microsoft office document sharing online and Adobe buying Virtual Ubiquity for their online word processor Buzzword. Cute but also pointless.

Adobe is following the hype and its attempts at linking all its products together are more often irritating than not. I’ve learned to loathe Adobe Bridge and its obsessive attempts to hijack my computer and hard drive space. I’ve learned to click no to any Adobe prompt I get. In short I’m learning to hate Adobe and I’m not alone. I don’t have any great need for an online word processor. Especially with web email getting smart enough to be able to handle spell check and limited formatting. An online word processor outside of email is really pointless and most Adobe customers are looking for new ways to work with graphics, not word processing.

I expect Microsoft to do something as pointless as this but desperation from Adobe ain’t pretty.

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