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Action comes to Hulu

Back when Action starring Jay Mohr first aired on FOX it was one of those shows that had no hope of surviving and everyone but FOX seemed to know it. On cable, especially today, Action might have thrived. Instead it ran for a handful of episodes, picked up a small following and went bellyup. Now it’s back on Hulu where you might think that it could pick up the kind of crowd that watches It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but it hasn’t. One reason might be Hulu’s sloppy handling of the show. For one thing while the episode list for Action is complete on Hulu, it’s stuck in the television rather than the DVD treatment. I understand that Hulu might have decided that it’s safer to air Action with the bleeps intact, despite airing shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the occasional R Rated movie without any bleeps. Action itself is on DVD and in foreign markets without the bleeps. And then there’s the episode order, anyone watching Action on Hulu will be confused as hell because The Last Ride of the Elephant Princess doesn’t come last. Again this is the sort of thing that could have been easily fixed with a little attention to detail by the Hulu people. It’s ironic though that Action, loosely based on Joel Silver’s stories, is airing at a time when Joel Silver’s actual career may go the way of Peter Dragon’s.

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