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ABC Desperately Retooling Cavemen

One night all the executives at ABC got very very drunk. They rolled around under the tables, giggling amidst piles of their own vomit and of course promptly decided that this was the perfect time to begin ordering series. Or maybe they were just really stoned. Anyway ABC decided that a GEICO TV commercial about cavemen was the perfect idea for a TV series. This was obviously the most brilliant idea since turning Baby Bob from a tv pitchman into a TV series.

Now your average commercial gimmick could have been turned into a TV series some time in the 80’s when any insane concept could be turned into a workable TV series, witness Small Wonder. In that age, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer could just as easily have been a real TV series. Now in the strange brave new world of the 90’s. It will be. Strange? Yes, very strange.

Anyway now all the ABC got sober and tossed away the giant piles of liquor bottles and weed and realized that they ordered a GEICO commercial as a TV series. Yes folks, this was your stunning achievement. You took a commercial you were being paid to air and then spent millions to develop it into a TV series. Now ABC has tossed the original Cavemen pilot and is aiming for a brand new pilot with new characters and actors. Will it help?


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