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Aaron Sorkin vs The Internet

If you remember last year stuff, Aaron Sorkin was the brilliant screenwriter who turned a dork who made a social networking site into some sort of cultural touchstone with a script that was mostly made up, but a lot of people mistook for the real thing. I’m talking about The Social Network of course, which was what Anti-Trust would have been with worse actors and a 100 million worth of publicity.

So why does Aaron Sorkin hate the internet so much, and why did he jump at the opportunity to discuss a topic he doesn’t understand, just to smear someone he never met. Take a trip back in time to 2007. Yes I said 2007.

“This was nonsense,” he went on. “The Los Angeles Times should be ashamed of itself!”Next Sorkin ridiculed the whole idea that bloggers — many of whom come from parts unknown, bearing grudges, perhaps, and not always a reliable sense of who they are and what they’re really after — be taken more seriously in the mainstream media than any random josephine walking down Main Street. “An enormous rise in amateurism,” Sorkin said of the blogosphere. “And everyone’s voice oughtn’t be equal.”

And that’s what Facebook does. It makes people equal. And Twitter and the whole internet.

But Sorkin was pissed because Studio 60 was being ridiculed and NBC didn’t have the money that Sony put into convincing people that watching Jesse Eisenberg read lines like a caffeine freak wasn’t a joke.

That was 2007. A year later Sorkin was brought on board to write The Social Network, after crashing and burning with Studio 60 and Charlie Wilson’s War. It was a safe bet that he was pissed. It was also a safe bet that he resented the internet for intruding into his cozy world of Writer’s Guild awards.

The Social Network was payback to that big mass of tubes and a billionaire who to Sorkin came to represent everything in that mass of tubes that makes it hard for geniuses and their stupid vanity projects to get the respect they deserve.

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