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Aaron Sorkin Fires All Newsroom Writers

The Newsroom implosion continues as Sorkin purged the entire writing stafffor The Newsroom except for his ex-girlfriend.


Sorkin with his favorite person in the world

That is not a sign of a healthy series. Just look at The Walking Dead, which is absolutely terrible and purged its writers and its executive producer.

What’s really weird is that The Newsroom even had a writing staff. This is a series with 10 episodes in is first season. Every single episode that aired so far was credited to Sorkin. Only the 3rd episode allowed someone to share the writing credit with Sorkin.

Maybe the last four episodes have someone whose name isn’t Aaron Sorkin in the credits, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

That’s not really all that unusual. Most of the episodes for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip were also written by Sorkin. In a few episodes Sorkin shared credit and some of the stories were developed by other writers, but his name was always on the script. Mostly there was just his name.

Why does Sorkin even need a writing staff? Maybe he just needs someone to fire when the ratings don’t add up.

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