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A Season of Disinterest

Looking so far at the shows the networks are bringing on board for the next season, the dominant word is conservative. Not in politics, but in risk taking. And the other word would be boring. First there are the conservative renewals, NBC bringing back Chuck or FOX bringing back Dollhouse are hard to defend decisions, except on the grounds that network heads don’t seem to be able to make decisions anymore. And with falling ratings, you’ve got to hang on to something. That’s particularly true for FOX and NBC. Then you’ve got CBS ordering the usual mix of dramas no one will watch, that and a NCIS spinoff, which is set to become the new Law and Order or CSI megafranchise killing television by replacing itself non-stop. If two seasons ago there was too much risk, now all the risk is gone. Just the usual two parts dramas, one part reality show and the occasional sitcom in between.

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