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A Buffy Movie of Sorts Coming?

When in doubt go back to what worked for you is generally the rule for Hollywood types who have gone out on a creative limb, had it crack underneath them and now want to remain relevant and financially liquid and able to have producer types return their phone calls. That seems to be the Joss Whedon approach who AICN is reporting is planning for a 90 minute BBC Giles Ripper movie.

Joss Whedon has had a certain amount of comic book success with his Buffy Season 8 launch (even if it was overshadowed by the larger fan celebrity launch of the Gunslinger Stephen King comics from Marvel) and a Giles movie might be interesting, though it’s unclear how he would fit the ongoing storyline involving Giles in the Buffy season 8 comics into all this.

But there’s plenty of ways out of the dilemma. The Ripper Giles movie could well be a prequel. Which would fit really with the original plan for the Ripper BBC series that was supposed to be a quiet series about loneliness and hauntings in a British village. That cannot entirely be ruled out.

However for those paying attention to the Buffy Season 8 comics, there is a certain amount of maneuvering room available as Giles does not come in at the beginning of the series but instead is specifically featured as returning which leads to the possibility that he was with his coven or wherever he had Willow before her own return in Season 7.

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