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90210 Reboot is Dying Fast

Few shows have been as heavily promoted as the 90210 reboot helmed by former Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, which is saying a lot considering that it’s airing on the CW, the ratings basement of television, a network just barely hanging on with ratings in the twos and threes. With remakes so popular the idea of a 90210 reboot probably seemed like a good idea, to the 40 and 30 somethings running things. What they forgot is that the CW’s only audience at this point is teenage girls who postdate the time when 90210 was something teenagers actually watched instead of laughed at. They lack the same cheesy nostalgia for 90210 or Saved by the Bell that some of the younger CW executives might have. The CW were hoping for another Gossip Girls, instead what they got was another Privileged and another chance for CW to sink down toward the unprofitable point of no return at which point its corporate masters will finally pull the plug. On the somewhat downward side of things, don’t look for Reaper’s midseason return. The new CW season may be bad, but it isn’t that bad and while Reaper and Smallville along with one other series are about the only anchor for the CW’s remaining viewers, survival is more important.

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