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59,680 Blu-Ray Discs Sold!!!!!

Blu-Ray format supporters are already declaring an incredibly dubious victory touting numbers that have Blu-Ray format discs outselling the HD-DVD competition by 70 percent. The reality however is that Sony has its own studio and its top selling disc, Casino Royale, comes from that studio. It’s pretty much a captive audience.

Now add to that the fact that Casino Royale sold a miserly 59,680 discs. It isn’t bad for a format that seemed dead from the start, but it’s hardly the major success Sony is touring it as. Consider that Sony likely tanked its console market by tacking on the white elephant of the Blu Ray drive to the PS3. Now the PS3 is likely the cause of many of the Blu Ray disc sales in the first place, since once people shelled out the cash for a PS3, they might as well make use of it. Sony is delusional thought if it thinks moving 59,680 copies of a title means victory in the format wars.

The basic reality is that most people have sat out both sides in the war and will continue to do so.

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