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5 O’Clock When the Whistle Blows

Say what you will about the Drew Carey’s show disastrous meltdown and Drew Carey’s own real life creepy and unpleasant personality but when it was good, it was good. The show managed to capture a certain weird sort of vibe and make it all its own. On the surface a sitcom, in practice an increasingly bizarre surrealistic journey that tampered with the elements of a sitcom as daringly as anything Charlie Kaufman might do. Dance numbers, aliens taking over the company, dreams, reincarnation in the body of his own nephew, pop up tv and the show being reduced to The Sims. Seemingly any crazy idea someone on the show had was actually done. Lines were crossed and then crossed again.

And here’s the classic opening number for much of the Drew Carey show, that was also arguably their best dance number too.

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