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4×11 Battlestar Galactica The Hub

Where 4×10 Battlestar Galactica Sine Qua Non wisely avoided showing us the fate of the humans on the Cylon Basestar in order to focus on Galactica, 4×11 Battlestar Galactica The Hub switches gears to focus entirely on the rebel Cylon Basestar still off on its combined human and Cylon crew mission to take out the Cylon Resurrection Hub returning to show Galactica or the last departee from Galactica at the very end.

In some ways s4e11 Battlestar Galactica The Hub is obviously recycling the last attack on a Resurrection Ship which brought together Admiral Caine and Adama and an attack on a Cylon position without Starbuck involved is never going to be nearly as good. The Hub does feature some decent planning with the human ships coming in towed cold behind Cylon fighters apparently being flown by the skinjobs. Locating Deana proves to be a little too easy and it’s hard to believe that the most valuable Cylon target ever is guarded so lightly that half a CAP wing and a damaged Basestar can take it out.

Meanwhile Rosyln begins having visions during the jumps, because you know there really haven’t been enough stories involving characters experiencing vague mystical visions on the show so far. These lead her to save Baltar’s life. In the meantime though, having learned nothing from the fact that she’s on a Cylon ship not under her control, Roslyn tells Helo to bring Deanna to her and not to the Cylons. This is a brilliant plan especially as she has no means or idea of how to force her to tell them anything. This of course goes swimmingly well, ending the Eight who has borrowed Athena’s memories identification with their alliance. The final reunion between Adama and Roslyn is a nice touch but 4×11 Battlestar Galactica The Hub still feels enervated by the same inability of the series to just tackle a plot head on instead of veiling it behind mysticism and repeatedly featuring characters who are supposed to be leaders but behave with less common sense than your average headless chicken.

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