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4×10 Battlestar Galactica Sine Qua Non episode review

Like a sleeper waking from a daze, it’s startling to realize when watching 4×10 Battlestar Galactica Sine Qua Non just how long it has been on Battlestar Galactica since anything really happened that didn’t involve character tension but actual large scale action and developments. After two dreary seasons, as Battlestar Galactica’s 4th season possibly approaches its end, s04e10 Battlestar Galactica Sine Qua Non offers some welcome material.

Not that Battlestar Galactica Sine Qua Non still isn’t chock full of the same elements that keep choking the series like a weed, from visions to characters engaging in destructive behavior with no consequences at all. Athena is in the brig after having shot the Six which caused the Cylon Basestar to jump taking the CAP wing and President Roslyn with it. Naturally Adama responds true to his roots as Captain Sisko by throwing tantrums, yelling at Athena and sending her to the brig for a while (Based on Callie, I’d say shooting a Cylon is punishable by 30 days in the brig or so) and then picking a fight with Saul Tigh over his liason with the Six in the brig that results in an all out fight and Adama resigning his command to go wait for Roslyn to return, having recognized that he has lost his objectivity. It’s the best storyline in Sine Qua Non and the best in Season 4.

The rest of 4×10 Battlestar Galactica Sine Qua Non though is filled out with the return of Lamkin and nepotism striking against as Lee Adama gets turned into President of the Colonies in a plot line that makes no sense at all. The quorum panics with ridiculous speed at Admiral Adama’s refusal to deal with Zarek, considering that they were able to act quite effectively to checkmate Tigh last time around. Lee’s search committee consists entirely of Lamkin who has no legitimacy at all and considering that Lee has the IQ of a cooked pumpkin and his big showdown with Lamkin seems to involve him channeling Tom Cruise, the promotion plot line is ridiculous and absurd.

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