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3D the Future of Movies?

It isn’t just network television that’s been hard hit by the internet. Movie grosses may be big, but they’re not growing at the rate they should. In public some studio execs might blame Bit Torrent, but closer to the truth is the simple reality that people have only so much fun time to go around, and with remake fever in full blast, Hollywood isn’t exactly delivering the best and brightest. There are two possible solutions, work on making the next generation of original movies by original talent that will blow viewer’s minds and make them fall in love with the big screen. Make the next Godfather, the next Star Wars or the next E.T. Or just keep optioning every book and comic book in sight, while remaking every classic film anyone has ever heard. Even movies from the 80’s and soon the 90’s. But here’s the kicker, make them all in 3D. It’s a bad plan naturally. 3D didn’t work out that well the first time around. It’s not likely to score a home run now either. Even if 3D sticks around this time and audiences embrace it, people are not going to go see movies just because they’re in 3D. What 3D and next generation sound systems and digital screens do, is create a bigger gap between the home viewing experience, whether on a big screen TV or on Hulu, and the movie theater. Will that extra inch help cover the cost? I guess this summer we’re all set to begin finding out.

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