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24’s Troubled 7th Season Gets Even More Troubled

At this point it’s hard to say which series is more troubled 24 or Heroes. Heroes gets some points because it managed to toss out 95 percent of the vast goodwill it had going for it in only one season. 24 though scores major negative points for managing to entirely bypass its season with an opening few hours that FOX decided to scrap before they were even shot, the WGA strike and its star going to jail. Now the 24 interim movie that was being planned is itself scrapped and integrated as the 2 hour opener for the 7th season.

Things are certainly not looking good for 24. With the backlash against the War on Terror and the perception that 24 is right wing, despite the fact that half the seasons ended with the revelation that it was a bunch of right wing warmongers who were behind the terrorism, not to mention complaints about all the torture, 24 was increasingly stumbling around and between Keifer Sutherland’s personal problems, the WGA’s stunt and complete confusion from the producers… at least more so than usual… and the fact that 24 is showing its age… even when the 7th season does come it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

It was inevitable that the cinema verite style of 24 would be difficult to sustain and truth be told the show jumped the shark once every season at least, but what 24 had in spades was energy, enough energy to pull the series through its absurdities and insanity, all the way to the other side, which was usually full of absurdity and insanity too. Somehow though the insane roadshow, pre 9/11 and yet posturing as post 9/11, completely clueless about politics, ran fueled by its own crazy energy and Kiefer Sutherland’s commitment to the role. But by season 7 and year 8, the show may finally be running out of crazy and out of gas.

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