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24 Shut Out of the Emmys

Unsurprisingly 24 has not been rewarded with an Emmy nod. That isn’t saying much because the shows that have gotten Emmy nods are often just as mediocre but it may well be a sign that it’s about time for 24 to consider hanging up its hat.

24 has jumped the shark so many times by now that it isn’t even funny anymore and this season has proven to be the most tedious season to date. The strength of the show has always rested with Jack Bauer and anytime the show abandons Jack Bauer for the soap opera inside CTU, the series quickly goes down the tubes.

24 usually begins with a few great opening episodes that set up the threat and then quickly begin wandering into wacky territory as the writers and producers run out of the few ideas that drove their original season’s premise and quickly begin to complicate and then unravel the whole shebang in a maze of convoluted plot lines and recycled stories that viewers had seen a dozen times before.

24’s latest season plan has been aborted by FOX requiring the writers and producers to go right back to the drawing board. That may well be a blessing. It really is time for Joel Surnow and 24 producers to rethink the way they have been going, chop out a lot of the deadwood, particularly Chloe and reboot the show J.J. Abrams style. Say what you will about J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindenloff, Lost and Alias responded with radical reboots, that may not have salvaged the series’ in question but they have survived in integrity at least.

It’s time for 24 to wake up again and maybe being shut out of the Emmys is a wake up call.

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