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24 Season Please Make It Stop

24 is back with an 8th season. And guess what, the 8th season of 24 looks just like the last few seasons of 24. Oh hey, Jack wants to settle down with a family. No more breaking terrorist kneecaps for him. But wait, there’s a conspiracy brewing in which terrorists overseen doubtlessly by some mysterious forces or figures in the government are out to sabotage a peace process in order to steal oil, or something just as stupid. To stop them, Jack will have to be a rogue agent/work together with a team of Federal agents before going rogue again. Informants will be shot at the last minute. Jack will be hunted by the authorities. Then deal with the soap opera antics of the Federal agents, then get tired of them and go rogue again. The initial terrorist plot will turn out to be a cover for a secret government plan to start a war. And you know what, enough already. By now 24 itself qualifies as torture. I don’t care what it takes, senate hearings or waterboarding. Let’s just make it stop already.

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