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24 Can Survive its Writers

Now granted I think 24 doesn’t actually need writers. It should be easy enough to program some software program, maybe a mutant version of Final Draft, that can just rescramble everything from the previous seasons together.

In fact I strongly suspect that for the last four seasons 24 has had just such a program in place and running perfectly. Does 24 really need writers? Or does it just need to shuffle around the cards a bit.

I mean it’s not as if the scripts really have to be written or anything. Just film 40 minutes of Jack Bauer running around and mumbling into his cell phone and occasionally shooting and torturing people, intercut with scenes of Chloe punching keys on a computer, intercut with scenes of bad guys planning something evil. With all that steadicam footage the show looks improvised already. All they have to do now is go all the way.

No one can follow the plot of an average episode of 24 anyway. Nor does it really matter. Just have Jack Bauer running around Los Angeles and mumbling about Chinese or Koreans or Russians or Arabs or Evil Government Stooges or whoever. It doesn’t actually matter, because in a typical season of 24, all of these will show up randomly only to turn out to be pawns of a larger government conspiracy which turns out to be run by some guys in a basement somewhere.

In other words it’s perfect. Let the actors improvise, the complete incoherency of it will just convince audiences that the real plot is deeper. Of course this can also work pretty well on Lost. So who needs writers anyway?

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