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21 Jump Street the Trailer

So we’ve gone well beyond the point where we look at a pointless remake and go, “Why”, not that it isn’t a valid response, but because we’d be doing it all day. Still with that said, why?

I can understand making 21 Jump Street the Movie. When you’re making Battleship the Movie and Footloose the remake and Transformers 4 will probably bring in more money than Guam has ever seen, it’s not so crazy anymore. But 21 Jump Street isn’t a very complicated story, bunch of cops who can pass for TV teens go undercover and comment on social issues. So swap that out with Jonah Hill and somebody going back to high school to be able to drink beer and be popular again.

It’s not like 21 Jump Street was some kind of perfect formula, but there were distinct characters doing something. This is like a parody of an 80’s movie with a whole lot of bro jokes and the whole thing isn’t funny. Jonah Hill used to have great line delivery and maybe it’s around here someplace, but it’s weak.

Mostly this reminds me of Green Hornet, where there’s no real action, just comedy and something classic that really isn’t hard to make is completely ruined for no discernible reason.

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