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Go Home The Following Season 3, You’re Boring

It's happening again... no really, it is.

It’s happening again… no really, it is.

The first episode of The Following Season 3 is named New Blood. If Only.

Instead we get a serial killer conspiracy headed by the dumbest and dimmest member of a second group of serial killers that were the B Team last season. And that was a season running on fumes.

Season 1 of The Following was brilliant. And then it was over. Season 2 tried to say something about religion. It failed because it couldn’t shake its addiction to Joe Carroll. And Joe Carroll still isn’t dead and probably is running the whole game from behind bars. And that’s probably optimistic.

Instead of moving on to new threats, The Following Season 3 is about more amateur serial killers recreating murders. Kevin Bacon’s Ryan Hardy is reduced to constantly pointing out that something had happened before. And that’s the writers announcing their own repetitiveness.


Lilly Gray might have been just as compelling as Joe Carroll in her own right. Instead it was the Joe Carroll show. And that meant turning a mediocre novelist into a cult leader obsessed with religion. It didn’t work. Now what’s left of the band is back together again. And it’s a bad band.

Season 1 wasn’t afraid to kill people. Season 3 burdens us not only with Max, but with every boring second banana. The episode opens with the lesbian wedding of the FBI boss who was stupid enough to serve as an unwitting back channel to Joe Carroll. All that was forgiven, but we’re supposed to believe that Congress cared enough to hold hearings on their tactics for catching the serial killers. Or that anyone in the FBI would take accusations from crazed serial killers written in bodies seriously.

Season 2 was critically panned. Why after getting another season would The Following dig through the trash of its failed last season?

The Following Season 3 isn’t bringing anything new to the table. It’s a watered down version of the last season just like that was a watered down version of its edgy raw first season. It’s spending so much time rehashing what happened last season that it won’t attract new viewers or even win back old ones.

Mansions. Messages left for Ryan. Ryan wavering over whether to get close to someone. Captured serial killers sneering at Ryan. Ryan telling him that he had done this before. Because it’s all been done before.


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