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Hasbro Releases Board Game Based on Zynga’s Words with Friends Based on Hasbro’s Own Scrabble

This is like the time NBC ordered an American remake of Coupling which was just a British rip-off of Friends.

To be equally senseless, Hasbro is releasing a Words With Friends board game which was just a rip-off of Scrabble which is already a board game.

The target audience for this is very stupid people.

Zynga makes money off its plagiarism. Hasbro tries to make money by updating its IP for the IP that was ripped off by trying to appeal to that important demographic of people who don’t remember anything that happened before 2006.

Everyone wins. Everyone loses.


Angry Birds Star Wars: The Most Obnoxious Thing Ever Has Been Achieved

There’s a point in every culture when it hits absolute bottom. When it goes so low that there is no lower and all that its people can do is gaze in awe at the transcendent majesty of their achievement.

And so I give you. Angry Birds Star Wars, in which George Lucas completes the bastardization of the Star Wars franchise on the eve of its sale to Disney and Angry Birds becomes more ubiquitous and annoying.

Congratulations everyone. Take a bow. We’ll see each other in Babylon or Rome. And if you can find a way to work Katy Perry into this, the gates of hell will probably open and swallow the entire solar system.

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