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Another Mac’s are so cool and easy letter

I’ve tried all the workarounds, tricks and shortcuts to fool the computer into reinstalling without losing all my settings, applications and preferences, which, after all, are what makes reinstalling an operating system a two day project.

There’s about a dozen programs that backup your settings and cost around 15 bucks. I’ve got three of them myself. Not to mention that it’s easy enough for a ‘supposed’ computer expert to back up this stuff manually. It’s just a matter of copying some directories and backing up the registry.

So, I bought a new backup hard drive and began the arduous process of reinstalling the XP operating system

Unnecesary he could have used his existing hard drive.

After installing the base OS, the next step is activation. Now activation used to entail having a legal CD and the serial number that came on the package. I have several XP CDs, each with a different serial number. The CD’s are identical, but the numbers are not on them. Clever.

Crybaby. The numbers are on the CD case. All he has to do is type in the number off the cd case. It’s really not that hard. And he should stick to using one XP CD (why does he have more than one anyway)

The process now involves re-inputting the serial number, which then — by default! — kicks it back as illegal and provides an activation phone number.

Of course it finds it illegal if you keep typing in different cd numbers instead of the same one when he reinstalls. And if he’s having these problems all he needed to do was download an activation crack and problem solved.

As an option, Microsoft will sell you a new number for $149.00 that will activate the software you already bought once. (Or in my case, four times)

And some magic beans too….

Once the activation is approved, the process of rebuilding begins. First, all the appropriate driver CDs need to be located and installed. That’s a couple hours.

It’s 15 minutes. 5 CD’s at most. Most drivers come on one CD with the computer.

After about four hours of downloading improvements from Microsoft, one can begin the process of finding all the software CDs, locating all the appropriate serial numbers, reinstalling them one at a time. Depending on how much software one has, that’s another 3-5 hours.

Improvements download in the background while you work. You don’t need to sit there while you download them and do nothing else. Reinstalling programs is a hassle yes, that’s why it’s good to save settings.

The following day (having not been able to do any substantial work the day before,) one can begin inputting all the passwords, preferences, settings, etc., which eats up most of that day.

what is he doing exactly, launching the space shuttle? there’s a handfull of programs that need settings at most.

I’m an old hand at this stuff. When I was in the Marine Corps in the early 1970’s my secondary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) was 8211 Computer Operations.

Translation while other people were fighting I sat on my ass, ate twinkies and spent the next few decades bragging about how I was in Vietnam.

I’ve been working with Microsoft software since before the first Windows operating system was ever released.

Big whoop. So has anyone who’s worked with computers for more than 15 years.

I say all that to say this: Computers running Microsoft software were more reliable and easier to use twenty years ago then they are today. I say that as someone who has been there from the beginning.

Yes from the dinosaur age when stegosauruses clambered around Ataris and Amigas. Of course they were more reliable and easier to use, they were primitive devices that had very few functions. A bicycle is also easier to use than a car. and to repair too. A biplane is way easier to use and repair than a fighter jet.

Trying to do it in a cramped RV, when most of the necessary stuff is packed in boxes stored in the external ‘basements’ (external storage compartments) is like moving a pile of rocks from one side of a quarry to the other.

Oh the tragedy of being a white trash bible thumper who makes money on the side by repairing wallmart bought computers

At the end of the day, you are tired, frustrated and all you end up with is the same pile of rocks you started with.

Yes the ones in your head

I am tired of working for Bill Gates two days a month for free. I am sick of having to maintain backups of my data that never restore properly. I am tired of hunting for the right CDs.

Waah! Waaah! So get a WebTV or keep your CD’s organized so you can actually get to them. And use one XP CD. ONLY ONE.

Yesterday, I went and bought an IMac.

Brillant, you’re a decade behind the starbucks crowd

I’ve never had a Mac before and always looked down my nose at them. I bought my Imac for about the same price I’ve got invested in multiple XP CD’s that don’t work without having to suck up to a stranger from Bangladesh to avoid having to pay an extra $149.00 for a NUMBER!

But what if it’s the NUMBER OF THE BEAST.

So you paid 700 dollars for your XP CD’s? Can I sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. I promise you’ll never to suck up to me.

BTW would you feel better about sucking up to a stranger from Taipei or Vermont?

The Mac ads were right. The entire computer is built in to the monitor. It takes exactly one cord to make it all work. It has a built in microphone, camera, wireless network interface, wired network interface, etc.

Genius! Genius! Oh quick question what happens when the monitor breaks down? Or when anything else ‘built into it’ breaks. On any other computer you can buy another monitor, on an IMac you’re screwed. 149 dollars to Bill Gates? Enjoy paying 1200 dollars to Steve Jobs when your monitor breaks. And just for you we’ll fly him to Bangaldesh so you can suck up to him.

From the time I ripped the sealing tape from the box it came in, to being set up, on line and fully operational was 14 minutes. I timed it.

Wow, he timed it. He is zo zmart. Gosh can you buy a Dell, turn it on and tell me how long it takes to be fully operational? New computers work out of the box regardless of whether they’re Dell, Gateway or Apple.

There was nothing else to do. It is impervious to most virus threats,

Mainly because too few people own a Mac for anyone to bother writing viruses for them. It’s kinda the same way living in a ghost town makes it less likely you’ll be mugged. The trade off is you’re living in a ghost town and a shortage of companionship and services.

and comes with five years technical support (that the guy at CDW says is free because hardly anybody ever really needs it.)

rofl. if the technical support had been for sale, the guy at CDW would have been telling you how badly you needed it and that you might as well throw your computer out the window if you don’t buy it. when it’s free he tells you don’t need it anyway. He’s pumping the product you satanforsaken idiot.

I have never used a Mac in my life, so it took me from 7:00 until 7:45 before I had a working knowledge of how to use it.

Yes you did use a MAC it’s called Windows XP. Microsoft worked on software for Apple once upon a time, worked on its OS too and borrowed the Apple look, which in turn borrowed it from Xerox.

Forty-one minutes after I opened the box, I was in a voice/video connection on Yahoo Messenger with Hal.

Jack Kinsella and Hal Lindsey webcamming together. When did the clothes start coming off?

And best of all, one can live the rest of one’s life without having to use Microsoft software.

Or the internal combustion engine. Or fly anywhere. Or buy insurance.

It appears to only have one downside. I can’t use ‘my computer ate my homework’ as an excuse anymore.

Oh you can, trust me with the level of idiocy you’ve displayed you can tell them that you accidentally used the IMac as a toilet and get away with it too.

Goodbye, Bill Gates. I shall not miss you.

Hello Steve Jobs, please let me lick your boots…

Jack Kinsella was the former head writer for the television program “This Week In Bible Prophecy” before joining Hal Lindsey Ministries in 1994.
Jack is the author of more than three dozen video documentaries, including “Peace In Our Time”[1993] (TWIBP), “Front Row Seats” (TWIBP), [1993] Mark of the Beast (TWIBP) [1994] and “Left Behind” (TWIBP) [1995] and of “1998 – Countdown To Armageddon” (International Intelligence Briefing-TBN), “1948, the Year The End Began”, “Jerusalem, The Final Battle” and “The Late Great 20th Century”, Where is America in Prophecy?”. Jack was also editor of “This Week In Bible Prophecy” Magazine and a contributing editor to the print version of The Omega Letter and the Christian World Report.

Oh man Bill Gates and the Mark of the Beast! Is this man talented or what. But what if Steve Jobs starts bar coding your empty head? And what computer would Jesus use and how does Stan ‘The Anti-Christ’ come into the picture. Stay tuned.

And enjoy the parody of Apple’s idiotic ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ commercials

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