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100 Dollar Laptop Doubles in Price

Everyone predicted it and it finally came to be. The 100 dollar laptop has doubled in price and isn’t coming any time soon. The entire project was ridiculously disastrous, a run on joke that everyone but the guys running it like Negroponte seemed to get. The whole thing was poorly planned out and motivated more by vague idealism than hard core realism. And unsurprisingly when the rubber meets the road, the hard core realism seeps in and floods everything with the cold water of reality.

Now the One Laptop Per Child or One Spam Machine Per Nigerian Spammer project is up to 189 dollars, a price at which you will soon be able to buy an actual good laptop. Or you could get a decent mobile computing platform. All told between a rigged up PSP or a one laptop per child dealie, it’s not much of a competition, especially since we’re talking wholesale cost price vs retail price.

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