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10 Things No Human Being Should Ever Have to Experience

1. Harry Knowles Aint It Cool News review of Blade II. If you haven’t ever read it consider yourself very lucky and don’t go looking for it. Unless you’re tired of living.

2. Any movie made by Uwe Boll. This also extends to anyone making fun of movies by Uwe Boll. Broad side of a barn. Target.

3. Taking LSD at a Thomas Kinkade exhibition. Visions of hell would be a vast improvement.

4. Waking up to Ward Churchill on WBAI. Second worst way to wake up never, not involving a penguin.

5. Anime fans talking about anything involving Anime.

6. Battlestar Galactica montages set to mournful music. Why can’t the Cylons just kill them all already.

7. Riker shaving his beard in a tub

8. Any TV show involving a fat slob married to a former model

9. Brits complaining about the US TV reworking of The Office. Did we complain about Coupling? Shut up. Besides you’ll find there are people on Planet Earth who expect more from a TV show than 13 episodes in 2 years. They’re called Americans. They make most of the TV you watch. The preceding is the reason for it.

10. Lexx. Enough said.

If you’ve got anything to add to the list, sing out with it or remain forever in shut the hell up land.

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